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My name is Manuela Ersilia Livia Vigo. After I finished high school, a few years ago in Milan, I developed a passion for music and vinyl record collecting, and today I own, together with my husband, one of the largest and most important collections of rare records in the world. I studied English and Afro-American culture in New York and political science in Milan, a city that I love and where I feel at home. During the visits I made to the family farm when I was a child, I discovered the emotive colours, shapes and scents that fill the air you breathe when you are among the olive trees. The ancient plants are a symbol of the strong values and tradition that my family has passed on to me. It created in us a love but, above all, a respect for nature. And so my passion for oil was born, a passion and interest that I had the opportunity to indulge and develop as an active participant in the event my mother, Marta Cartoceti created more than 35 years ago, namely “L’Orciolo d’Oro”, the oldest oil competition in the world. I was lucky enough to be there at its inception and watched it grow. Over the years, as part of this wonderful event, I got to know, through this historic family organisation, many producers, tasters, and experts in the sector. I was able to learn the techniques from and forge friendships with “down-to-earth” people, most of whom passed on their love of oil to me. One of these people, among many, was Professor Giuseppe Fontanazza. He always came to the events organised by my mother, and was a friend of the family I remember with great affection. He was a strong and cultured person, who let me in on many trade secrets and taught me the techniques for transforming olive oil into something unique. My mother’s concept, L’Orciolo d’Oro, has been transformed over many years of passionate and serious work into an important event that, in the last two years, I have had the pleasure of organising and managing personally. Based on the experience we gained from L’Orciolo d’Oro, my husband Vincenzo and I created LODO, to celebrate the extraordinary world of extra virgin olive oil.


My name is Vincenzo Federico Petisi and I was born in Bergamo in 1973. After high school I studied economics and commerce. I then turned my attention to music, my great passion, studying saxophone, jazz arrangement and African American culture. I also devoted some of my time to researching and collecting rare vinyl records. This became important later as it was the reason I started a cultural exchange with the girl who would become my wife in 2005. I moved to London where I tasted freedom and learned some of the skills of electronic music. Back in Italy, I collaborated professionally in organising concerts for major Italian events and theatres. With my Sicilian paternal roots and after meeting Manuela, in 1999 my interest in olive oil turned into a real passion. I was able to follow L’Orciolo d’Oro from back-stage and over the years, together with my wife and my mother-in-law Marta, I was able to take part in a wonderful journey into the world of extra virgin olive oil. I met producers and experts, such as Prof. Giuseppe Fontanazza, who I personally consider a true poet of oil and who, over the years, convinced me to dedicate myself professionally to the organisation of L’Orciolo d’Oro. My wife, Manuela, and I created LODO, a project to promote quality in its most varied forms. 


Always passionate about good taste and haute cuisine, free spirits continually searching for quality dishes and gourmets at heart, we have spent time in cities in Italy and abroad in our never-ending search for the best flavours, traditions, and culinary innovations, discovering and learning, over the years, the secrets and the value of what is good. From the dining rooms of the most prestigious Italian and foreign restaurants to the surprising and unexpected dishes served up by taverns and trattorias, connoisseurs of flavour, we appreciate all high-quality food and make no distinction. 

LODO was born out of this shared passion: a fresh starting point, a new vision that remains firmly anchored in tradition